Interviews 101

27 Jul

Disclaimer: Although inspired by a true incident the following emails are fictional and do not belong to anyone I know.

Maybe not so much of an interview tip but when you apply for a job make sure you don’t use your super personazlied email address, if you email includes details about your hobbies or personality it won’t go over well on the receiving end.  Examples of this: or

I’ve seen some emails that often leave me guessing as to why people would share that about themselves.  Whether you want them to or not people will scrutinize your resume and focus on perhaps small details but they matter.  Besides you don’t want to have someone misunderstand the meaning of your email.  Do yourself a favor and save the personal email for your friends and get a simple boring email for work.

Este es un tip para el trabajo.  No tanto para las entrevistas pero para el curriculum. Cuaando estés aplicando a un trabajo es mejor no utilizar un correo súper personalizado, si tu correo incluye detalles de tu vida personal o de tus hobbies no se va a ver bien para el/la que lo reciba.  Ejemplo: o

E visto algunos emails que siempre me dejan adivinando que estaban pensando al incluirlos.  Quieras o no la persona que reciba tu curriculum lo va a leer con detalle  y quizás hasta se enfoquen en el lo mas pequeño.  Hazte un favor y usa tu correo personal con tus amistades y consigue uno simple para el trabajo.

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